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January 19, 2012
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I'll echo the thoughts of @MattAnderson99 and @xagronaut in saying, while at Codemash this year, I attended an interesting open source session for life hacks. The session gave me some new ideas for my digital note-taking process.

There's not much heavy lifting for this process. In fact, my contribution to the process is embarrassingly thin. Nonetheless it's a nice example of the power of "small pieces loosely joined", which might be my favorite kind of geek fun.

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How I Blog
January 6, 2012
tags: nanoc, heroku, dnsimple

How do I blog?

Poorly. Infrequently. Yes, but here are the technical specs for how I pull that off.

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How I Pomodoro
December 28, 2012
tags: mac, pomodoro, time_management, alfred, ruby
I use the Pomodoro Technique quite a bit but I've never been comfortable with the hard stop for my 'on-task' timer for my Pomodoros. 25 minutes is about the right duration for me but only rarely is it the exact right duration. Usually I need a small amount of time to get to a nice stopping point. The breakdown for me is in the 30 to 90 seconds I take to wrap things up. Invariably, I lose track of time and my Pomodoro cadence gets all out of whack.

Recently, I've put together a few tools/apps and now I like where I'm at Pomodorically. Here's a rundown:

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